Law Enforcement Unconventional

Centerline Protection Is Saving Officers

February 19, 2021 Robert Scali & Wendy Skjaldmaer Season 1 Episode 1
Law Enforcement Unconventional
Centerline Protection Is Saving Officers
Show Notes

Vector Centerline Protection Police Shields & Training hosts a weekly show for law enforcement and military about unconventional tools and tactics currently being used by law enforcement. This week's show will highlight the Vector Shield which is part of a cutting edge system now being used by law enforcement at the federal, state and local levels all across America. We will explain why so little is known about the field tactics and applications for this revolutionary product that has documented saves at all levels for several years now.


The Vector Shield looks small.  It is!  That's why it is saving officers.  Listen in and find out why.

We address why social media is helping and also hurting law enforcement and why things are not always as they appear.

Tune in, learn a new tactic or reach out and share your ideas.  Best idea wins.

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Stay safe and stay protected.

Law Enforcement Unconventional is a weekly podcast bringing new tools, training and ideas to the LE community with discussions between LE, Special Forces and Special Operations hosted by a veteran Green Beret and a real life shield maiden federal law enforcement instructor.  Please listen and share.  A simple click could save a life.